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 Multiple Accounts.

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PostSubject: Multiple Accounts.   Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:42 pm

Throughout the VAA and other websites that I am a member of, there have been increasing problems of people using multiple accounts from the same IP address. Sharing a computer with another member of the board is a-ok, of course, but creating multiple accounts may cause problems for the board and cause it to run alot slower and become hectic.

It may be that the person wants a seperate account for their production name or that they're just bored with their current username and want something new.
If you would like to make a new account, then please PM either DeadlyWhispers or myself with your desired username and we will change your account names for you. Please note that you will not be allowed a new username that is already in use by someone else. There is no need to sign up for a new username altogether.

If you would like your account to be deleted, then please do the same as above but asking for your account to be cancelled.

Please keep this in mind as multiple accounts can cause problems on the board and make it hectic for Jessy and I to keep track of everyone.

Thank you.

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Multiple Accounts.
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