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 How to Post an Audition.

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PostSubject: How to Post an Audition.   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:23 pm

Everyone has their own ways of choosing a project to audition for. It can be the show, the producer or the character ranges. However, the most important factor to a successful audition process is a well made layout that shows that time has been spent and also gives information that the auditioner will find very useful.

These do not have to be followed exactly but they will help.

What do I include in an audition thread?

Project Information
Whether it be about the mixing process or the series, these can give the auditioner information as to how the project will come along. You can put up the mixing status, little updates, etc.

Characters and Lines
The most crucial part of any thread. No one can audition if you do not include the characters, the vocal tone that you would like and the lines needed for the audition process. The best way to get a good cast is to include lines that show a variety of emotions such as happiness in the first line but anger in the second leading into sadness and despair in the third.

Character Descriptions
These can be quite crucial. The descriptions can give the auditioner an inside look at the character which can help in creating the personality within the voice. It shouldn't be too long nor too small, just enough so that the auditioner can get a feel for the character. Spoilers are optional but if you must then please use the spoiler tag.

These are essential in any project. Make sure that the time suits you and that you give enough notice beforehand if you are going to extend.

Email and Requirements
No one can send their audition in without an email so make sure that it is typed correctly and is easy to find. If you have any specific preferences in the way that the auditions should be sent, then please specify them. It can be that you will only accept MP3 files and you would like them in a ZIP folder or that you want them to label their lines in a particular way and include a resume from previous works.

Reference Video
This will help show the auditioner the clip or episode that you are fandubbing. It will show them what emotions characters show and what to expect from the script, etc.

What is the deadline for?

The deadlines are created so that anyone who wants to audition knows their time limit and it also gives auditioners an idea of when to expect a cast and get ready to work.
When you create a deadline, be sure to keep to it. It can be very frustrating for those who auditioned if the deadline is not met [a day off is alright but anything more can be annoying unless you have specific reasons].
The time given for deadlines can vary from a week to two months, it really depends on you, the producer, as only you know when you can work properly on the project. Any producer has the right to extend their deadline if they don't receive enough auditions, but please be sure to put up a little post [either a new one or in the original first post] in a couple of days before the original deadline. That gives people enough notice.

What does this section include?

Under the voice acting section of the forums you can include a variety of different projects.
. Fandubs of anime/television shows/etc
. Radioplays
. Mangadubs
. Flash animations
. Any original projects

We would appreciate if you did not include any singing projects as there is a seperate section for these kinds of projects.

What do I include in the character section?

In the character section, it would be best to include the following
. The character name
. An image of the character [Not too large]
. A brief description of the character
. The vocal tone that you would like
. Lines [with some guidance given such as the emotion]

These will all help to get the auditioner into the character and do well

Do Not put up a "Best so far..." part.

I want to do a hentai project. Is that allowed?

The boards do not have a minimum age limit so we strongly advise against projects which contain pornographic material. Projects that are 18+ will have to be taken elsewhere.

The same goes for swearing and other such things. Although these are allowed, please put up a notice on your audition thread saying that the project will contain swearing and bad language.
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How to Post an Audition.
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