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 Lady and The Tramp 2 Fan Dub

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PostSubject: Lady and The Tramp 2 Fan Dub   Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:48 pm

I'm gonna be doing a Lady and The Tramp 2 Fan Dub. If you want to audition, send auditions as a .wav or a .mp4. Each line must be saved as CHARACTER_LINE#. For singing lines, save as CHARACTER_SINGINGLINE#. Send auditions to my Skype: Tiernan420. Characters that sing will be seen with a Sings and characters who don't sing will be seen with a Does Not Sing. All singing lines are seen with this kind of text.

Also, for the singing lines, I recommend listening to the songs on youtube to know how they should sound.

Angel: Nemeh
Buster: Blueman39
Lady: kilaray
Ruby: kilaray
Jock: Chrisgotjr
Dog Catcher: Stein

If you auditioned and didn't get a part, keep auditioning. New deadline is November 1st!

Scamp: Sings
Scamp is the main protagonist. I need a mid range teenage male voice for him.
Line 1: Hey, let’s do some dog stuff, huh pop? You know, dig up bones, rip up flowers, chase cats!
Line 2: I always get blamed for everything.
Singing Line: Always There to warm you in the winter. Always there with shelter from the rain.
Always there to catch you when you're falling. Always there to stand you up again. Family...

Angel: TAKEN

Tramp: Sing
Tramp is the father of Scamp. I need a late 20’s voice for him.
Line 1: Like it or not, you are apart of this family! And until you start acting like it, you can just get used to being out here every night!
Line 2: I shouldn’t have been so hard on him.
Singing Line: What is a family? Caring and devoted hearts.


Buster: TAKEN


Trusty: Does Not Sing
Friend of Lady and Tramp. He has a deep southern accent.
Line 1: I found him! Oh, heh, heh oh! I found him for sure this time, I found him!
Line 2: Why, it IS Scamp!

Jim Dear: Does Not Sing
Jim Dear is the owner of Lady, Tramp and their kids.
Line 1: Scamp! Oh no! What a mess! This time you’ve gone too far! You’ve let me no choice.
Line 2: Some dogs just have to learn the hard way. Maybe chaining you up will teach you a lesson.

Darling: Does Not Sing
Darling is the wife of Jim Dear.
Line 1: Jim Dear, I think Scamp brought a friend home.
Line 2: Oh, she’s a little Angel. Jim Dear, you don’t suppose…

Mooch: Does Not Sing
One of the Junkyard Dogs. Sounds a bit like Patrick from Spongebob.
Line 1: He taught Buster everything there is to know about being on the streets, k.
Line 2: Got away with everything! I heard he once stole an entire meat wagon! K! And, and, and the dog catcher chased him all the way to the river!

Francois: TAKEN


Sparky: Sings
Oldest of the Junkyard Dogs. He needs to sound like an old man.
Line 1: Hey, hey look here you guys. I see we got a new recruit.
Line 2: Two dozen! Now that I think about it, the police, and the army cavalry were after the boy as well. He was trapped! But if the Tramp was gonna go, he was gonna go in style.
Singing Line: Where you can wet where you want to wet.

Annette: Sings
One of Scamps sisters.
Line 1: Oh excellent! I love getting a bath.
Line 2: Me first!
Singing Line: We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up. We love picnics we confess.

Danielle: Sings
One of Scamps sisters.
Line 1: It makes my fur SO silky smooth.
Line 2: No, me first!
Singing Line: We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up. We love picnics we confess.

Colette: Sings
One of Scamps sisters.
Line 1: Yea!
Line 2: Hold on you, WAIT A MINUTE!
Singing Line: We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up. We love picnics we confess.

Aunt Sarah: Does Not Sing
The aunt of Darling. Sounds like she’s in her 50s.
Line 1: Of course, my precious kitties love the fourth of July.
Line 2: Monster!

Dog Catcher: TAKEN

Tony: Does Not Sing.
Owner of Italian Restaurant. Must sound Italian. Only has one line.
Line: A red, white and blue look!

Joe: Does Not Sing
Brother of Tony. Must sound Italian. Only has one line.
Line: A nifty new look!

Crazed Dog: Does Not Sing
Seen at climax of the film. He must sound like he’s gone crazy.
Line 1: Hey, hey, hey, hey! What about me? Your ol pal right? Aw come on! After I stood by yous all through that fight! Hey! Come back! Don’t you walk away from me!
Line 2: Oh yea, he’s cashed in his bones! He’s cashed!

Auditions Recieved From:
Brian Kelly
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Lady and The Tramp 2 Fan Dub
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